While Out Previewing the Fall Colors Show …

Hi all

While out Saturday scouting routes between Sheldon across to Newport previewing our first Vermont Fall Colors “show” we had the following birds.

Just south of North Troy there was a flock of 24+ Wild Turkey feeding in the fields on east side of VT 105.

Two Common Loon on Lake Memphremagog on east side near Eagle Point WMA. We only noticed them because they were calling-our first in the wild loon calls!

Common Loon

We saved this turtle crossing the road up there as well.


On way back to Sheldon via Jay Peak-area there was a dozen Wild Turkey feeding right alongside VT 58 east of Montgomery Center. Also, two Eastern Bluebird at Hutchins Covered Bridge.

Wild Turkey

On Sunday I had three Yellow-rumped Warbler at Swanton Town Beach and two Pied-billed Grebe at Sand Bar Bridge (the sand bars were not visible)


The Vermont Birder Guy