Greater Yellowlegs, Loons and Grosbeaks [Franklin]

Hi all

Evening Grosbeak continue to show up on daily basis-this morning we had six visitors from the north. Other day we got up to eight. We also had our first appearance of snow-ever so lightly. Large field flooding expanded across Vermont 78 just north of Vermont 105, too, in second gallery of photos.

I had a Greater Yellowlegs at Saint Albans Beach along with four Common Loon and about 8-10 Bonaparte’s Gull. Off in the distance a whole flotilla of gulls–at which point winds and freezing temps prevented me from scoping :-O. There was also a small group of Common Goldeneye just offshore. A real treat two Red-tailed Hawk seen–treat because raptors seem to be hard to find here versus Colorado šŸ˜‰ .

At Fairfield Swamp had Hooded Merganser group and the second Red-tailed Hawk. Also, Common Raven feasting on a “Roadkill au Raccoon” meal.


The Vermont Birder Guy