Snow Bunting Up Close [Franklin]

Hi all

While crawling Dunsmore Road near Saint Albans Beach [Franklin] managed to find the Snow Bunting flock in new area … the dairy operation about one mile north of Maquam Shore Road (VT 36). I saw the flying above sillage pit on east and then duck behind. I turned off car and observed flock for a bit. Eventually they landed on the sillage pit on west side of road where they presented great views. They even landed atop the the siloes nearby which was pretty cool to see. Lapland Longspur and Horned Lark both seen as well.

Nearby at Saint Albans Beach there was open water closer to Kill Kare State Park hosting lots of Common Goldeneye and Merganser and some Mallard.

I visited Mill Creek Falls Natural Area–could not find the falls or the trail after wandering into the natural area. There were trail markers but they sort of ended after about four of them. I’ll have to try again next weekend. One lone Black-capped Chickadee was heard. Nice spot though.

Lakewood Drive just before the Alburgh Bridge produced a small flock of Snow Bunting.


The Vermont Birder Guy

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