Loon, Ducks and Bluebird [Chittenden]

Hi all

Spent the morning yesterday in Shelburne Park-area. Neat place. Met a few birders-one of which a long-time Vermont birder who says he is there everyday :-).

The bay was open and active. Nine species of duck including American Wigeon, American Black Duck, Common and Hooded Merganser, Bufflehead, Mallard, Ring-necked Duck, Lesser Scaup and Common Merganser. On Harbor Road (north) at one overlook area had a Common Loon, Eastern Bluebird (2) and more Bufflehead (2).

Videos of various birds …

Eastern Bluebird https://youtu.be/ZXGOD9uk-Sc
Downy Woodpecker https://youtu.be/mChezU_iKtQ
White-breasted Nuthatch https://youtu.be/e8h030yeZk8
Hairy Woodpecker https://youtu.be/BA3fblfBziQ
Pine Siskin https://youtu.be/e84YsH63ba8
Black-capped Chickadee https://youtu.be/CxJ5mGPQrpg
Downy Woodpecker https://youtu.be/PO377knJiTc

At home the usual suspects … including our daily Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Also visited the Snow Bunting on Dunsmore Road.

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