Weekend Birding [3-11/12-2023]

Hi all

Sheldon currently at five inches of snow. Assortment of birds including first Turkey Vulture I have seen this early spring.

Feeder birds …

Usual Vermont 105 Wild Turkey “gang”–usually numbers 24+.

New Wild Turkey find on I-89 about three miles shy of Canada border.

Snow Bunting, Horned Lark and Lapland Longspur along Missisquoi NWR Headquarters Road (two separate flocks and locations) and another flock along Lakewood Drive.

Ross’s Point Bridge crossing near NY/Canada border.

Grand Isle Bridge

North Hero Causeway Trail. Missed Tufted Duck again. A small boat with three aboard pretending to be icebreaker ship spooked the large flock of mixed ducks.

I89 Exit 16 Wild Turkey flock–favorite hangout seems to be hill alongside the interstate on west just south of the southbound entrance ramp.

Five Turkey Vulture riding thermals at I89 Exit 16.

Harbor Road north of Shelburne Farms.

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