Birding Weekend [5-6/7-23]

Hi all

Saturday attended the Green Mountain Audubon trip to Little River State Park. Nice park and walk. 30 species seen highlight species for me: Red-necked Grebe, Common Loon, Blue-headed Vireo, Hermit Thrush, Black-and-white Warbler, and Pine Warbler.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Pine Warbler

Hermit Thrush

Black-and-white Warbler

Blue-headed Vireo

Yard birds …

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Wood Thrush

Yellow Warbler

Eastern Phoebe

Saint Albans Beach Submerged Cement Fishing Pier had both Common and Caspian Tern.

Missisquoi NWR Driving Around

Baltimore Oriole

Savannah Sparrow

Wilson’s Snipe

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

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