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  • Shorebird Photography Event [Grand Isle]

    Shorebird Photography: Migration Through Vermont with Matthew Bode

    When: Apr 13, 2023, 6:30 to 7:30 PM

    Where: Lake Champlain Basin Program, 54 W Shore Rd, Grand Isle, VT

    *Hybrid Event *Join online: https://bit.ly/3ltdTL6

    Calling all birders, photographers and Lake lovers! Please join the Lake

    Champlain Basin Program staff on Thursday, April 13th at 6:30 pm, as we

    host Matthew Bode, a terrific photographer, who will share his love of

    birding with our Love the Lake audience.

    Join us for homemade desserts at the LCBP office, 54 West Shore Road in

    Grand Isle – in the historic Gordon Center House, the first building north

    of the ferry entrance or join us virtually. Register to join online at


    *Must show proof of vaccination per NEIWPCC COVID-19 policy if joining


    Hope to see you there!

    See event flyer here:

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  • A Joyful Weekend of Early Spring Birding [Franklin/Chittenden]

    Hi all

    Weather was fabulous making birding even better!


    The Vermont Birder Guy

    Saint Albans Beach ice for the most part open. Usual gull suspects.

    It was great to see all of the Osprey now showing up. The Sand Bar Bridge road and all of its nests provided great views and photo ops of the many birds.

    The very north body of Lake Champlain, Rock River WMA as an example, still iced over for the most part but probably opens up this week. Usual ducks hanging out in open waters. While trying to get photos of soaring Turkey Vultures, “chickens” came up to me alongside the road looking for a handout. 🙂

    Swanton-Alburgh Bridge opened up now. Osprey pair at boat launch area nest platform.

    Black Creek WMA had a few birds.

    Harbor Road hosted many Dark-eyed Junco, American Tree Sparrow and seven Vesper Sparrow along its route.

    Kill Kare State Park produced two Eastern Phoebe and there was also another singing at Swanton Beach Park. Park also had dozen or so Cliff Swallow flying around east side.

    Cohen Park had an ice shelf full of Ring-billed, Herring, Great and Lesser Black-backed Gull loafing-as well as usual duck species.

    Missisquoi NWR, river and area had some birds including Brown-headed Cowbird and “Rodan”.

    Shelburne Park-area hosted 2-3 Eastern Phoebe, Osprey pair and Double-crested Cormorant (3).

    Vermont 105 Wild Turkey usual hangout.

    And finally some shots from our feeders.

  • Genetics suggest redpolls are one species, not three

    Hi all

    newly published paper suggests that the redpoll complex is better treated as one species, rather than the three currently recognized. Full article here: https://www.birdguides.com/articles/taxonomy/genetics-suggest-redpolls-are-one-species-not-three/


    The Vermont Birder Guy

  • New Life and Yard Bird [Franklin]

    Hi all

    I’ve been recording this bird for last three nights just after dusk settles. Got a great recording last night it was closer. BirdNet indicating it is an American Woodcock-lifer and new yard bird for me! Waiting on iNaturalists to affirm (or you) 🙂 There was a consistent one in Colorado which I never got to see.



    The Vermont Birder Guy

  • Tufted Titmouse [Franklin]

    Hi all

    Update: numerous folks pointing out Tufted Titmouse calling is highly variable.

    Another bird call recorded this morning that remains unidentified and “perplexed” BirdNET id tool.


    Your ID help?

    One birder mentioned “might be a Carolina Wren”(?). Other suggested Tufted Titmouse.

    iNaturalist writes “I think the cadence better fits Titmouse. I would expect there to be many more calls in the series, or other wren sounds for a Carolina Wren.”

    Received new insight … “It’s a Carolina Wren. The cadence and emphatic middle note are both distinctive. In the most similarly structured titmice songs, the individual notes are blurred together with neither of the syllables having noticeably more emphasis like your call does.”


    The Vermont Birder Guy

  • Tufted Titmouse [Franklin]

    Hi all

    Update: Numerous folks indicate as such saying their calls are highly variable.

    I heard a “non-winter” bird calling outside my window this morning. Recorded it, uploaded to BirdNET indicated a Veery. Debate about the ID.



    The Vermont Birder Guy

  • New Yard Bird (x2) [Franklin]

    Hi all

    On Saturday we had a Red-shouldered Hawk (#60) in yard calling from two different areas of yard. I was able to spot the bird at second location. As a bonus three Wild Turkey (#61) came waltzing through our yard about an hour later much to our surprise and delight! Full yard list https://thevermontbirderguy.org/my-sheldon-yard-list-franklin/.

    Sunday birding next. At Black Creek WMA in Saint Albans water is open on both sides of bridge. Saint Albans Bay is still a “block of ice”. 🙂 Expected ducks, gulls and others. Wood Duck first of spring.

    Along Dunsmore Road a welcomed spring bird … multiple Song Sparrow singing. A flock (6+) of American Tree Sparrow still hanging around and geese in the field. Snow Bunting nowhere to be found.

    At Kill Kare SP there is a large open water hole full of Common Godleneye, Common Merganser, Lesser Scaup and Bufflehead.

    In and around the Missiquoi NWR and river a very large contingent (100s+) of Red-winged Blackbird, Brown-headed Cowbird and Common Grackle along with American Tree Sparrow flock. First Wood Duck I have found this spring.

    The Alburgh-Swanton Bridge hosted both expected ducks and gulls.


    The Vermont Birder Guy

    In our yard …

  • Red-shouldered Hawk [Franklin]

    Hi all

    A Red-shouldered Hawk was warming up in the sun about 8AM along Vermont 105 in Sheldon this morning. As I approached on my drive I spotted the small raptor perched on telephone line, went by it saying “who is that?” knowing it wasn’t a Red-tailed Hawk. Did a quick u-turn, drove by the raptor and parked at end of nearby residential driveway, jumped out of car, snapped three photos … Red-shouldered Hawk! … whipped another u-turn and continued on my way smiling.

    Along I-89 between Saint Albans and Burlington five perched Red-tailed Hawk and my “turkey friends” at exit 17 southbound–looked like fourteen birds with two males “strutting their stuff”. 😉


    The Vermont Birder Guy