Pine Siskin and More [Franklin]

Hi all

For the last two days we’ve had Pine Siskin (up to three) visiting our large feeder array along with many of the other usual suspects. Our two American Red Squirrel continue as well along with their cousin Gray Squirrel both cleaning up under the feeders (they can’t get to large feeder array).

Over at the I-89 exit 17 Sand Bar Bridge-area I had the following gulls:

Ring-billed Gull: ~65-70
Herring Gull: 10
Great Black-backed Gull: 2

Next at Saint Albans Beach-area a smattering of birds.

And finally driving around Missisquoi NWR found 27 Wild Turkey near end of refuge headquarters road on west. Some ducks on lake and stream flows.


The Vermont Birder Guy

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